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apartments apartments
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An apartment, also called department, is a housing unit comprising one or more rooms designed to provide complete facilities for an individual or a small family. The main difference between this and other types of housing, such as houses, cottages, etc.. Its surface area is typically smaller than the previous ones, and their possible use, often holiday or temporary.
penthouses penthouses
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The penthouse is habitable space directly below the roof of a building. In modern buildings penthouses are lacking, leaving the last usable as a penthouse apartment, luxurious design and very exclusive.
bungalows bungalows
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The bungalow is a simple and small one-storey. The word comes from Hindi Bangala, meaning "in the style of Bengal '. At first, the term designated a traditional house built of wood. The modern bungalow is a type of housing for your own practice, to the extent that all habitable parts of the residence are located on the same floor, can then be easily converted to make it accessible for people traveling in chair wheels. It is usually provided with large windows and built in series in real estate developments located near major communication axes and local services (schools, shopping centers and parks). In Spain, houses bungalows are two storey buildings. That is, ground floor (usually with a garden) and upstairs (with solarium) are called bungalows.
houses houses
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A cottage or villa is a building designed primarily for use as a single family home, which shares the same farm land in an area without building, like a garden or a patio adjacent. Traditionally built with three floors, each having a specific purpose according to the various seasons. Recently, the use of the chalets has exhausted the country and housing purpose, although they are still building with similar architecture or remodeling the old house, now used for tourism: restaurants, hotels and holiday homes.
duplex duplex
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A duplex is a house that has two floors connected by an internal staircase, usually parallel. Also, a triplex apartment refers to an apartment which covers three floors and a guadplex, quadruplex or fourplex four floors. Can also include the case of two parallel joined housing. It is common to find buildings house-like town, with two different inputs purchased to another house or houses that are owned by other owners.
studios studios
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studio apartment, also known as a studio flat (UK), efficiency apartment or bachelor apartment, is a small apartment which combines living room, bedroom, and kitchenette into a single room. "Bachelor" or "efficiency" apartments are sometimes smaller than studio apartments.
homestead homestead
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A finca, also referred to farm or estate law, real property is made up of a portion of land bounded. The delimitation, called edge, can be physical, by fencing, cairns or other systems, or just legal, by the description in a deed.The property represents the property par excellence: the earth. It has been very important since ancient times for its economic relevance in times prior to industrialization, and thus has been a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Thus, the regulation of real estate has been extensive since ancient times.
petrol station petrol station
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A petrol station or service center is a point of sale of fuel and lubricants for motor vehicles. Although in theory can be established and freely buy, service stations normally associated with large distribution companies with exclusive contracts.  Generally, service stations offer gasoline and diesel, both petroleum products. Some stations provide alternative fuels such as liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas, compressed natural gas, ethanol, gasohol, biodiesel, hydrogen and kerosene. Also, in some countries also sell gas bottles. A service station can supply electric vehicles-
garages garages
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A garage is a covered and locked, to keep a vehicle. In a house in town or in a residential area is usually a distribution of the house or villas so that there is a place for parking cars and to store other things. Community buildings usually have a community garage where you can buy or rent a parking space in parking floor.
commercials premises commercials premises
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Business establishment is the physical space where they offer economic goods (services or goods) for sale to the public. Also known as retail, point of sale, store or trade (taking these latter terms other meanings). With some exceptions (such as certain bakeries and pastry shops), commercial establishments not usually make the production phase of the products it distributes, merely exercising an intermediary role between the manufacturer and the consumer. As usually the final consumer who comes to commercial establishments, and since these supplied by wholesalers, intermediary role is called retail. The same happens in the case of commercial premises for the provision of services (catering establishments, hairdressers, etc..)
new construction new construction
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New construction: public document declaring him the existence of a building or building a new one. Your registration in the Land Registry involves the creation of a registered property by disappearance of the registered property of origin. New Homes The statement is important because the houses that may be built on a site acquired legal status dwellings, being modified the registration status of the site and giving rise to many properties as stated in the project.
new promotion new promotion
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Real estate which is in development Projects in the near future will be built. Or, if multiple properties in the same complex, one of which is already built and ready for occupancy. Also possible if one property is located in the construction stage.
plots plots
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The plot is a small piece of land (from another larger) that can be used for different reasons. Often used in urban construction. The plot itself is defined as a smaller part of a larger field. This is broad mind works used in urban areas where it often takes the division of land to increase the number of available homes. Furthermore, in agriculture, a plot is sometimes intended to construct an orchard or a shape-by advanced constructions maintain animals in a predetermined area.
storage rooms storage rooms
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Storage room it is a space used to store items that are not enjoyed and undesirable.

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